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Pawsitive Empathy Curriculums -  This series was designed by students in the
Honors College at the University of Texas San Antonio in conjunction with the Academy of
Prosocial Learning. The curriculums are written to be three-hour week-long camps with
extensions that can provide up to two additional hours, but the individual learning activities in
each lesson can be stand-alone lessons or projects.

Lessons by Age Level

We Are All Wonderful  (grades 2-4; ages 7-9)

Learners will discover why older or differently-abled pets make great companions, analyze how individuals feel in different types of situations, and appreciate the diversity of people and animals 

What is humane education?

Humane education encourages cognitive, affective, and behavioral growth through personal development of critical thinking, problem solving, perspective-taking, and empathy as it relates to people, animals, the planet, and the intersections among them. Education taught through the lens of  humane pedagogy supports more than knowledge acquisition, it allows learners to process personal values and choose prosocial behaviors aligned with those values. -- Itle-Clark


Tiffany Rolls On - Meet tiny Tiffany and her big personality in this touching story of compassion, determination, and triumph. Readers will discover the dark and dank place (a puppy mill) where Tiffany began her life, and experience her rescue and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Yet even after her rescue Tiffany struggles to play like the other dogs, due to her injuries and weak legs. With the help of her foster mom Ashley, Tiffany gains strength in both body and spirit while she waits for her adoptive family. Tiffany discovers independence and positivity when she gets a wheelchair that allows her to run and play like the other dogs. Tiffany Rolls On promotes perspective building and empathy for others, while also supporting conversations about both animal welfare and the fact that our commonalities outweigh our differences. Tiffany’s story can be useful in a variety of humane-themed lessons, including discussions about disabilities, animal welfare, adoption, and companion animal care.

Oliver's Big Problem -Oliver is one happy pig! He loves his home, his friends, and the healthy food and exercise he gets at the farm. But Oliver did not always live on the farm. His first home was far too small! Discover how he ended up at the farm and get to know Oliver in the first of the Farm Tales Series written just for early readers in grades Pre-K-2. The book text incorporates early sight words as well as discussion questions for parents and educators to support growth in critical thinking and empathy for others.

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