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Stephanie Itle-Clark, EdD, CHES - Academy of Prosocial Learning

Associate Editors:
Stephen Albone, PhD, CHES - SPANA
Sarah Bexell, PhD - University of Denver
Erin Comaskey, EdD, CHES - Academy of Prosocial Learning
Brian Ogle, EdD - Beacon College

Editorial Advisors:
​Cini Bretzlaff-Holstein, DSW, LSW - Trinity Christian College
Adam Cardilini, PhD - Deakin University
Vincie Ho, PhD - Mini Acts for the Greater Good
Stacy Hoult-Saros, PhD - Valparaiso University
​Deb Matlock, MA - Prescott College, Wild Rhythms
Debra Merskin, PhD - University of Oregon
Julie O'Connor, PhD - Touro University
Elisabeth Ormandy, PhD - University of British Columbia, AiSPI
William Ellery Samuels, PhD - College of Staten Island
Kimberly Spanjol, PhD, CHES - Iona College

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